Praise for Bleeding Afghanistan

“If you want the real story behind the US war in Afghanistan, read this book now! Bleeding Afghanistan is a thoroughly researched analysis of US policy. Kolhatkar and Ingalls show how Afghan women were used to dupe us into a war that has neither improved the security of Americans, nor liberated the people of Afghanistan. A wake-up call to everyone who thought the war was a success story.”

— Eve Ensler

“Bleeding Afghanistan is without a doubt the most realistic and sincere reflection of the ongoing tragedy in my ill-fated Afghanistan, covering every aspect of life under the US domination and its fundamentalist criminals and warlord hirelings…The book breaks the silence on many hidden agendas of the US administration in Afghanistan.”

— Malalai Joya, member of Afghan Parliament

“Sonali Kolhatkar and Jim Ingalls worked with RAWA before it was cool and have continued to do so after Afghanistan has fallen off everyone’s radar screen. Their long association with and deep concern for the Afghan people bear fruit in this book, which treats Afghanistan as a country and not as fodder for debating points. It has everything you need to know — the history of foreign intervention, the depredations of the warlords and the Taliban, the U.S. bombing, and the stultifying negligence of the occupation. It clearly gives the lie to the mythology of humanitarian intervention. The authors even have the guts to tackle the most difficult question of all — what should be done now. A remarkable achievement.”

— Rahul Mahajan

“This is not the Book-Seller of Kabul or the Kite-Runner. It is not for latte-drinking liberals who want to save exotic Afghan women or men. It’s about what America is really doing today in Afghanistan after the Taliban was ousted, and what we did before …”

– Pratap Chatterjee

“This book provides a perspective you don’t often get on CNN or in your daily newspaper…[it] is thoroughly researched (706 endnotes) and provides insight from two writers who have seen the country and worked for the liberation of Afghan women with a great deal more sincerity than Laura Bush.”

– Michael Stimpson

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