Afghanistan: The Right War?

Sonali Kolhatkar interviewed on GRITtv, on September 12, 2008

Watch the entire interview here.

According to Human Rights Watch, civilian deaths from U.S. and NATO action have tripled in the past year. Ninety civilians were killed in just one day August 20 and now there’s news of US action claiming lives on the Pakistan border provoking a “strong protest” from the Pakistani government who this week said they reserved the right to retaliate.

Yet President Bush announced Tuesday his plans to increase U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Senator Obama countered, “his plan comes up short – it’s not enough troops, and not enough resources with not enough urgency.”

Some are declaring Afghanistan the “right war” but does that sound RIGHT to you?

Here to discuss US policy in the region –past and future — are filmmaker, Wazhmah Osman, director of the film, Post Cards from Tora Bora, journalist, Jan Goodwin, author of The Price of Honor, Jake Sherman, Project Coordinator at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation, Michael Shaikh, the Asia Programs’ Senior Analyst for the International Crisis Group, before joining ICG, he worked with Human Rights Watch on their new report. Joining us by phone from California, Sonali Kolhatka, Co-Director of The Afghan Women’s Mission and the host of the Pacifica radio show, Uprising. She’s also the Co-author of Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords and the Propaganda of Silence.

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Afghan war on the part of America is quite an unjust war. It is to destroy a country, a nation, a civilization with no reasonable ground at all. You can not punish milions of people for the sake of one man only. President Bush is a war criminal and rightly awarded with throwing of shoes. He shall surely suffer in the world as well as in the after world for his henious crime against humanity.

Ansarul Haque / February 14th, 2009, 7:30 pm / #

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